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How We Can Help

Let Us Guide You Through Recovery

The Esper Treatment Center’s mission is to assist persons to achieve recovery and improving their standard of living. In reaching those goals, Esper Treatment Center will provide a safe confidential environment, will treat the individual client with respect and dignity, and provide referrals to ancillary programs when necessary.

The Esper Treatment Center is a health-providing agency, established to serve clients who have become addicted to narcotics & other drugs of abuse and are seeking changes in their lifestyle by recognizing the need to commit themselves to a recovery program that can lead to a drug free existence. Through counseling & case management and the highest level of care, a healthy existence can be experienced. Although the responsibility for health and wellness is the individuals’, the responsibility of our  clinical team is to provide support, education, and resources. Through this process program goals can be achieved.

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 Why Chose Us?

Esper Treatment Center truly understands the recovery process and the steps it takes to recover from an opioid addiction. We are Erie County’s most experienced treatment center. We have years of experience helping others overcome addiction. We understand the importance of each step in this difficult process and will be there for you. Our clinical team will work with you and build a specialized plan to not only help you improve physically from addiction, but as well as psychologically from our counseling and support group programs and referrals.

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